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Retro Camera: Four more retro effects for your Android phone

Like fxcamera we’ve seen previously, Retro Camera for Android is a photography app which recreates the feel of pictures taken on vintage cameras. You get four different ‘cameras’ to choose from and each has their own unique effects and viewfinder overlay a la Hipstamatic on the iPhone.

The Little Orange Box, for example, is done in the style of an old Russian Lomo camera and features fake Cyrillic lettering on its controls. You can’t edit or change the settings of each of the cameras (other than switch between colour and black and white) but the effects of each one are pretty distinctive. The scratch patterns and frame effects around the edges of the screen also differ between shots so you don’t get a uniform effect overlaid onto each picture.

What makes Retro Camera such excellent value though, is that it’s completely free – so there’s no reason not to add four more fun effects to your Android phone’s imaging arsenal.


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