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Retro iPhone docking station: 1960’s bakelite-style BT phone plus Native Union Moshi Moshi 01 equals genius

We love a good bit of enterprising modding and couldn’t not share this genius iPhone dock/charging unit with you.

Deftly pieced together from a standard iPhone charging dock, an old 1960’s BT phone with the rotary dialler ripped out and a Native Union Moshi Moshi 01, this basically turns your iPhone into a house phone, making it look cool and retro while it charges.

It’s currently being sold on eBay for just 99p (plus £3.50 for delivery) and is the work of travel writer/photographer James R.C. Smith. Check out the YouTube video below to get a better idea of how the dock looks and works.

As well as loving the concept we also liked the old TV-style wood effect of the iPhone 4’s case in the pics. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the iPhone 4 isn’t included in the deal. Were you expecting it to for under a fiver though?

If the dock takes your fancy head on over to the eBay page – the bidding war starts now!


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