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Retro X-Men movie gets boost from retro X-Men game on iPhone and Android

While X-Men: First Class does battle with cinema audiences, Konami has taken the opportunity to re-release X-Men, a 1992 side-scroller in the style of Streets Of Rage.

Like the arcade original, you’ll be able to team up with up to 3 more friends through Bluetooth to fight your way though waves of robots mutants, Magneto and his underlings.

You can battle through with X-Men staples like Wolverine, Cyclops, Collosus, Storm, and Nightcrawler. Oh, and Dazzler- who must’ve been an early 90s hit.

Controlling your character with the on-screen d-pad, and buttons can be adjusted and reassigned- there’s a punch, jump and x-power button.

The latter acts as a finite super attack, but as you fight through the game, health and the amount of times you can use the power will get upgraded.

If you like your side-scrollers, or your Marvel characters, you should find enough to entertain yourself.

Compared to other games, like the recently released Streets of Rage 2, it may look a little simplistic and random- and we’re not sure how we can throw enemies, but we certainly can- if the game wants us to.

The game available now on iTunes and Android Market.


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