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Revealed: The slowest mobile internet towns in the UK

Mobile internet speeds on 3G can differ massively depending on where you are, according to a recent app-based survey across the UK.

Following testing, the top ten slowest towns have been revealed, topped by Milton Keynes, with a speed of only 1.73Mbps. It’s followed by Leicester and Huddersfield , who have speeds of 2.01Mbps and 2.17Mbps respectively.

At the lowest speed of 1.73Mbps, it could take 2 minutes to download Angry Birds, or 10 seconds to load a single web-page.

The top ten looks like this:

1. Milton Keynes – 1.73Mbps
2. Leicester – 2.01Mbps
3. Huddersfield – 2.17Mbps
4. Cardiff – 2.18Mbps
5. Liverpool – 2.21Mbps
6. Blackburn – 2.23Mbps
7. Stevenage – 2.23Mbps
8. Hull – 2.35Mbps
9. Stafford – 2.37Mbps
10. Birmingham – 2.43Mbps

Compared to the fastest cities, topped by Peterborough with an average of 3.86Mbps, the top ten were all able to top data speeds of 3Mb per second. The survey gathered data through a Speed Test and StreetStats 3G app. 

UK communications watchdog Ofcom is doing its own testing into mobile broadband speeds, with results due this month. Any readers from Milton Keynes have anything to say? Any noticeable problems with your 3G?

Source: BBC


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