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Revinyl music quiz is the best looking iPhone and iPad music quiz app

Music quizzes are nothing new, but they’re often quite dull text-based affairs, with a tiny snippet of a random song from your collection tinnily buzzing from the handset.

Not so with Revinyl, an app which places as much importance on looks as it does on musical fun. Randomly selecting a portion of a track from your iTunes tracks, you have to correctly pick which album art it belongs to; the quicker you choose, the more points you get and as you progress through the levels there are more and more albums to choose between.

It’s all well and good, but what makes it really fun is the multiplayer version. Best played on an iPad, it’s the fastest-finger-first who gets to guess their answer based on genre.

The app also allows you to add question-tracks to a special Revinyl playlist, so you can rediscover the songs you’d forgotten about at your leisure. It’s a nicely designed, well-thought out game to kill a few spare minutes with pals. You might want to check your synced tracks for those rogue Celine Dion records first though…


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