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Revolutionary 8pen keyboard for Android: the new Swype?

We’re always up for trying out new typing interfaces on our Android phones – ThickButtons, Swype, SwiftKey we’ve had ‘em all. However we’re not quite sure what to make of 8pen, a totally new way of typing that looks unlike anything we’ve seen before on an Android phone. Or anywhere else for that matter.

8pen re-imagines what a keyboard would look like had it been invented today for the mobile phone. It’s a gesture-driven thing which aims to do away with the old ‘hunt and peck’ method of typing that we’ve gotten used to having grown up with good old Qwerty keyboards.

The video below gives you an idea behind the thinking of 8pen; skip to 1:07 for the bit where it shows you how 8pen works.

According to its website, 8pen will be available “later today” for Android 2.2 phones, with support for all other versions of Android to follow later.

Right now we’re a bit skeptical but intrigued. At least it doesn’t have a bloody smiley key.

Be sure to check back here later for updates on the enigmatic 8pen.

Update: 8pen is available to download from the Android Market now for 99p. We think asking users to cough up a quid for a totally new input method is a bit cheeky, especially considering the trial versions of Swype and SwiftKey were given away for free.

If you’re intrigued and you’ve got a phone running on Android 2.2, hit the link below from your browser or search for ‘8pen’ in the Market.

We’ve been playing around with it for a bit on our Nexus One. While we haven’t quite got the hang of it yet we’re not prepared to give up without a fight. That said, if it hasn’t won us over by tomorrow lunchtime that full refund option is going to look awfully tempting.

[Source: Android Community]


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