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Rhythm Spirit gives the beat ’em up genre a musical twist

Music rhythm games are well established now, whether instrument-toting console games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, or tactile musical iPhone games like Tap Tap Revenge. However, Rhythm Spirit offers an intriguing new twist on the idea, splicing rhythm mechanics with a 2D beat ’em up.

You play Toshi, a swordsman who has to battle a succession of opponents using the power of rhythm alone. Well, that plus a big sword, obviously. Visual cues scroll above your head, and you have to tap the right virtual buttons in time to them to get Toshi to jump, duck, swipe and block.

It’s a nice idea, and the game looks good too, with crisp cartoon graphics. There are ten levels to play through and unlockable trophies to track your progress. Meanwhile, if you’re tiring of the rawk-heavy tunes on many music games, this one comes with a ‘zen remix’ soundtrack focusing more on techno, trance and drum’n’bass. It’s well worth a look.


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