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Ride high in Foursquare with Mayorama app

People can get awfully competitive when it comes to social location app Foursquare, as they battle to be the mayor of their favourite cafe, station or watering hole. If this applies to you, then you’ll be wanting to get the Mayorama app right away.

Why? It’s an iPhone app designed for the upwardly-mobile mayors of the Foursquare world. It lets you see nearby venues that could be yours with a few check-ins, and lets you see how close you are to being top dog in existing places too. You can also keep tabs on the mayorships that you’ve already won.

Mayorama has some more general features too, like showing Foursquare places around you on a map, and letting you filter them by type, including food, nightlife and shopping.

These are likely to be introduced into the main Foursquare app at some point, of course, but for now they’re useful in Mayorama.


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