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RIM announces $10,000 app pledge to developers

At BlackBerry World we’ve been hearing more about RIM’s commitment to apps and BlackBerry 10. The company has promised an 100 million financial commitment toward app development including a $10,000 dollar guarantee.

Speaking at the BlackBerry Jam session VP Alec Saunders revealed moves the company is making to support current and future developers to RIM’s BlackBerry 10 app platform.

First and foremost it will guarantee that each qualifying app will earn $10,000 in the first year. If a qualifying app doesn’t don’t make $10,000, RIM will pay the developer.  This clearly shows RIM’s strong belief in the platform and it’s certainly an incentive to coders.

The cold-hard cash commitment isn’t app RIM is doing to support development. Following feedback from developers for a real-world device to test apps on before launch, it will be seeding the prototype BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha smartphone to app developers.

The Canadian company is also embarking on a roadshow taking in cities around the world, so developers can attend, show work and ask questions, and recruiting on the app side of its business.

RIM is also introducing an app certification program, in a bid to improve the quality of apps available and avoid (according to Saunders) the ‘chaotic cesspool that Google Play has become.’ Ouch.

Saunders also pointed out that BlackBerry 10 is probably the most open coding platform, developers creating apps can use a HTML 5, AIR, C++ and OpenGL.

On a positive note RIM confirmed that the number of registered developers in app world grew by 254% last year, making it the fastest growing vender community in mobile today. Currently there are 99,500 BlackBerry apps – across the BlackBerry 7 and PlayBook operating systems.


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