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RIM offering 16GB BlackBerry PlayBooks to Android app devs

RIM seems pretty keen on PlayBook OS 2.0 getting some serious Android app love, so serious in fact that its offering devs who repackage and submit Android apps to the BlackBerry App World free 16GB BlackBerry PlayBooks.

Developers who want a free 1.2GHz dual-core-powered tablet will need to have submitted apps to the App World between now and Monday the 13th of February.

Though the release date for PlayBook OS 2.0’s rollout still hasn’t been announced, this 13th of Feb deadline gives us a clearer idea of when it’s going to hit. Well, some point after then at the earliest…

Further details of the promotion are coming soon to the BlackBerry Devblog, so this is all we’ve got to go on for now.

Previously, devs had been encouraged to get their homework in by the 6th, in order to “ensure broader reach and exposure to consumers,” for when the PlayBook OS 2.0 update rolls out.

Those who’ve already submitted apps to the App World and have missed out on this promotion can at least console themselves with the fact that the PlayBook itself is going for a fraction of its original RRP these days.

More news on this and the date for the PlayBook OS 2.0 rollout as and when we hear it.

Thanks to Mike for the tip.

Source: BlackBerry Devblog (1) and 2


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