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RIM still in the race for enterprise, Android on top.

It’s been a long and winding road for RIM since it was originally catapulted to smartphone stardom in a world with no iPhones, no Androids and a lot less Google. With consumers now acutely aware of BlackBerry’s shortcomings with press and bloggers ever-swift to point out each and every stumbling block RIM face, it’s been questioned of late as to whether RIM still have the majority clout in the boardroom.

According to the latest from Forrester Research, with 4000 information workers as a sample, 27% of these mobile users ran Android on their work phone, 26% BlackBerry OS and 24% Apple’s iOS. The remainder can be attributed to the likes of Symbian, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile etc.

With the survey taking place in 17 countries, it offers a pretty rounded view of what mobile operating systems enterprise users are using globally. This in turn highlights a discrepancy between RIM’s declining share in the U.S. and rise in use in emerging markets, and shows that while in western markets RIM appear to be ailing, on a global level, they have enough leverage to stay in the race.

Source: Forrester Research Via: phoneArena


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