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RIM’s 2011 range leaked: This year’s Blackberry phones revealed

Crackberry have leaked a roadmap of what is rumoured to be RIM’s plan for 2011.

Their first tablet, the Playbook, looks set to take up most of their time this Spring and early summer.

Several new Blackberry phones are shown in a lot of detail; the Monaco Touch, the Bold Touch (Montana) , and the Curve Touch (Malibu.)

At this stage, we don’t know which phones will make it to the UK, or whether we’ll get slightly tweaked versions of what we see here, but RIM is promising better graphics across the phones and an enhanced virtual keyboard, complementing these ‘touch’ phones revealed.

The Monaco Touch is said to pack a 1.2Ghz processor, running a 3.7-inch touchscreen, with 4GB of phone storage, expandable to 32GB with a microSD card, while the Bold Touch promises to be the thinnest Blackberry ever, with 8GB of storage and HD video-recording.

The Curve Touch will have Blackberry trackpad, but like the Monaco Touch, it will be navigated primarily by its 3.25-inch touchscreen.

The new phones all look set to include what is turning into  2011’s buzzword already; NFC, which should mean contactless payment, paperless tickets and the rest.

They are also promising to include magnetometers in the Bold Touch and Monaco Touch- a high-tech compass to you and me- and augmented reality apps. (Point your camera at something and your phone will tell you where you are/ what it is.)

The leaked document tells us that the specifications aren’t yet set in stone, with the Monaco Touch set to be released July to August this year, while the Bold Touch should appear between August and September. The Curve Touch looks to be pencilled in for a late Autumn release. Expect more details next month at Mobile World Congress.

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