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RiNgO browser brings tabs and browsing add-ons to iPad

AppHome is the latest developer to release its own web browsing app for iPad, building extra features on top of Apple’s native Safari browser. RiNgO, which has just been released on the App Store for £1.79, has some intriguing extras too.

The app supports tabbed browsing, for example – something that’s commonplace now on desktop browsers, but still a novelty on smartphones and tablets. You can also browse full-screen, bookmark pages easily, and trigger a ‘private browsing’ mode for… well, we’ll let you figure that out.

But the big feature of RiNgO is its Add-ons, which is another feature that’s popular on desktops and laptops but still pretty new for more mobile devices. Add-ons are free widgets that you can add to RiNgO to access other services.

Like what? Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, Delicious, AccuWeather, and the full range of Google services: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Translate and Google Buzz. Plus there’s a version of infamous time-sucker Minesweeper.


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