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Robot Unicorn Attack arrives in Android Market: Works on phones running 1.6+

We dared to dream and our dreams came true: Robot Unicorn Attack has galloped on to the Android Market. The utterly magical yet ultimately pointless platformer (you WILL lose) is available to buy now for a mere 60p of your mortal money.

You get the same touch controls as you do on the iPhone edition of the game – one to jump and one to dash. If you tap the jump button when in mid-air the unicorn does a double jump, Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts style-y. You did know that right?

Speaking of which, chances of you beating this game as about as good as the average gamer beating SGN’G…

As well as thrilling to the sound of Erasure when charging through fantasy landscapes, you can also earn OpenFeint achievements as you go. Best of all, this game works on Android phones running 1.6 Donut or above – so that’s virtually everyone then.

Storage-limited Android users will note that this is quite a hefty download – around the 25MB mark. If you’re running Android 2.2 Froyo, thank the Unicorn God for that install to SD option. If not, well you’d better start deleting some stuff.


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