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Rock Prodigy teaches you real guitar licks on iPhone and iPad

Learning to play electric guitar? A new iOS app called Rock Prodigy could help your quest to become an axe legend.

Released initially in the US – although hopefully a UK launch will follow – it gets you to play your real-world guitar, then uses fancily-titled ‘polyphonic pitch-recognition technology’ to give you feedback on your playing.

So what are you playing along to? Well, a selection of tracks by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Megadeth and, er, Keith Urban. The app itself is free, but you pay for the songs – master recordings, naturally – from its in-app store. In the US, they cost $2.99 each.

The app has four skill levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Prodigy, with the difference being in the number of notes you’re expected to play.

It’s very much a learning tool, but there are game-like aspects, such as the Perform Mode where your playing is scored, and then compared with other players on an online leaderboard.

It’s a very clever idea, so we can only hope it comes to the UK App Store soon.


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