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Rocketfish Rocketboost HD Audio: Stream music to any room in the house, annoy neighbours with Outdoor Speakers

Earlier today we got to have a bit of brief hands-on time with Rocketfish’s new Rocketboost home cinema system line up. In a nutshell, this is a wireless set up that allows you to set up a 5.1 Surround Sound system without the need for wires trailing across your living room floor. That’s essentially what you get with the basic HD Audio Starter Kit package. But the Rocketboost line up has the potential to do more as well.

As well as ideal for setting up a home cinema system in your living room, the Rocketfish wireless sender/receiver units can be used to transmit audio to other Rocketfish devices throughout your home.

So you can hook your PC, laptop, MP3 player (or smartphone) up to the Rocketfish Wireless Sender via 3.5mm and have your tunes piped to audio receiver units throughout the house, which will then send audio to connected speakers.

The Rocketfish Wireless Sender transmitter has a broadcast range of 45 feet, so you’ve got plenty of room for manoeuvre when setting everything up.

As well as speakers for the indoors, the Rocketfish range also includes some wireless outdoor speakers too. These guys have a stronger reception radius of over 160 feet, are lightweight and portable and can be powered by batteries or mains.

They also have a water-resistant coating and speakers which are housed in a way so that rain can’t get at them. Could these be the ultimate British barbeque accessories? The water-resistant coating seems well suited to deal with the vagaries of UK summer weather.

Though not 100% water-proof, you’d at least have enough time to get them inside before the heavens properly opened.

So the Rocketfish range has the capacity to be all things to all gadget geeks; an all-in one home cinema/multi-room sound system/garden accessory/neighbour bothering unit.

Rocketfish speakers and transmitters are available to order from Best Buy stores in the UK now or online from the Best Buy site. Click through to see the full Rocketfish line up in action.

The Rocketfish HD Audio Starter Kit consists of a wireless transmitter and receiver unit and is your basic set up, costing £160.

To clarify, the transmitter aka the Wireless Sender is the unit pictured on the top. This connects to your TV and wirelessly broadcasts audio info to the Wireless Receiver (pictured underneath). You then hook up the Receiver unit to other speakers around your living room; you get a healthy bunch of cables included in the box to hook your speakers up to.

The Wireless Sender (Rocketfish RF-RBKIT) has a broadcasting range of 45 feet, so you’ve got plenty of space to set everything up. It can transmit audio in pretty much every format including HD audio (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio).

As well as acting as a home cinema unit, you can plug your iPod, MP3 player or smartphone into the Wireless Sender and thrill to the sounds of Tinie Tempah in glorious 5.1 Surround.

Here’s the Wireless Receiver that you get in the Starter Kit. The Wireless Receiver has a source button on the front next to the volume dial, which you can tap to switch between music from an MP3 player to audio from your TV set.

Also available to buy is this, the Wireless Amplified Audio Receiver (RF-RBREC-05A), for £100.

This works in the same way as the standard Wireless Receiver (in that is receives audio from the Sender) but it can also be used to power passive speakers without a power supply of their own.

The Wireless Sender/Receiver (RF-RBAUX-05A) is a waypoint that sends music wirelessley to to compatible devices in your house. It costs £50 and has a broadcast radius of over 160 feet.

This can connect to your PC, laptop or MP3 player and send audio to up to nine different Rocketfish Wireless Receivers.

Here, the Wireless Sender/Receiver is hooked up to a laptop which is playing some soothing classical music.

You connect music playing devices like a smartphone or a laptop to the Sender/Receiver via 3.5mm or stereo RCA respectively.

Now for the really fun part. Here are two of the Rocketfish Wireless Outdoor Speakers (RF-RBWS02-05A).

You can buy one of these with a Wireless Sender/Receiver waypoint bundled in for £180, so you’ve got everything you need to get set up straight away.

The circular dial on the top is a volume control and those lozenge-shaped handles on the sides here are actually where the speakers are housed. This design provides a measure of protection against the rain and also doubling as handy grips.

If you have two Outdoor Speakers, you’ll be able to send left and right stereo signals to either one from your Wireless Sender/Receiver. At the moment, you can’t purchase a single speaker directly from the Best Buy site.


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