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Rover Spy Tank rolls to iOS

Now pay attention, 007. This is the new Rover app-controlled Spy Tank, a mobile audio and video recorder controlled from your iPhone or iPad. Riding around under the radar on caterpillar tracks, the Spy Tank is the ideal surveillance device for tailing villains and upsetting the dog. And try to bring it back in one piece, eh Bond?

The Spy Tank can go about its undercover business at a distance of up to 200 feet and relays audio and video in real time back to its controller’s iDevice, and even packs in an infrared camera for night operations . OK, so it’s not wildly stealthy with that bright white plastic shell, and if detected there won’t be any AR Parrot Drone-style getaway, but on the plus side: night vision!

The Rover Spy Tank is available now in the US for a paltry $150. We’re waiting to hear back from Rover for deets on a UK arrival. But that’s the tricky thing about spy tanks – for all we know, they could have been watching us for months.

Via: Engadget


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