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Rugby Nations 2010 offers slick iPhone egg-chasing

With the Six Nations soon to kick off, it’s time to start getting excited about two-legged behemoths sweating blood, sweat and tears for the rugby honour of their countries. Well, fake blood – we think the sweat is real though. The jury’s out on the tears.

There aren’t many rugger games on iPhone, although Flick Kick Rugby is almost as addictive as its footballing brother. However, for keen fans of the sport, Rugby Nations 2010 looks set to be an essential download.

The £2.99 game lets you scrum down as one of 12 international teams, competing in tournaments including the Six Nations, Tri Nations and World Cup. It isn’t dumbing down the sport either, cramming in rucks, scrums and drop kicks, with a usable interface wrapped around them – something famously difficult to do for this particular sport.

Replays let you relive your moments of glory, and Game Center is built in too, so you can trumpet your achievements to the world. While drinking 12 pints and wearing knickers on your head in time-honoured fashion, obviously…


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