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Rumour: Google-branded tablet to be made by LG?

Google’s first two entries into the smartphone market, the Nexus One and Nexus S, didn’t exactly set the mobile world on fire.

Though we liked both phones, and for more technical phone-users, they loved the blank canvas of Android, and the swift, head-of-the-queue Android updates. But for some reason or another, the rest of us didn’t embrace either phone, made by HTC and Samsung, respectively.

But recent rumours suggest they’re putting those misfires aside, and moving onto tablets.

According Mobile Review’s sources, they say that LG is one of the only major manufacturers that could have a similar goals to Google.

Through Google Translate’s interpretation of their site, there’s plenty of juicy chunks of rumour to be found; with regards to the Google Nexus S; Samsung is trying to directly compete with Apple; and to this end they were willing to take on any good operating system they could get.

Mobile Review also thinks this mythical tablet will be called the Google Nexus Tablet, and say it is scheduled to arrive mid-summer to early-autumn, with the project already “no longer in its infancy”. What about the Optimus Tab?

They’re still unsure as to whether the product would arrive in shops, or whether its an in-house play-thing for Google developers, but more when we hear it.

Via: BGR


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