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Rumour: iPhone 5 design similar to iPhone 4

A new leak of third-party cases has added to rumours that the new iPhone may be more an evolution of the iPhone 4, rather than a completely different phone. (How much different could it get?)

These albeit rather cheap-looking cases reveal  similar button placements, and SIM entry to the existing iPhone. We quite like the look of that that yellow one though. Camera and flash look to be the same as the iPhone 4 too.

Hard Mac, who released these preliminary images, calls the source of the case renders reliable, and earlier leaks of iPad 2 cases revealed the dual camera set-up and speaker changes long before its official release.

Naturally, these cases don’t show any changes to the phone internally. There have been strong rumours of a full-width touchscreen on the next iPhone, and we’re hopeful the new phone will put those antennae-gate criticisms to rest.

Via: Electricpig 

Source: Hard Mac


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