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Rumour: New ‘market disrupting’ Nokia beauty leaked ahead of announcement

The phones you see could be Nokia’s latest and greatest smartphone entrant, the Nokia N9. Wow.

The new Nokia phone, rumoured to be running MeeGo, Nokia’s own smartphone system, has had a fair bit of work done, and looks to have more in common stylistically with an iPod than Nokia’s back catalogue.

We like the eye-popping silhouette and colours, if this turns out to me the new N9.

Dose of salt time; it may or may not be legitimate; most were expecting the Nokia N9 to arrive with a slide-out keyboard, and Nokia (or someone) went to the effort to make a (albeit confusing) promotional video.

The Nokia N9, said to be the spiritual successor to the technically lauded N900, has had a chequered history. Recent news had pegged the N9 as a flop, performing badly even on the new Nokia-made MeeGo software. Windows Phone 7 was even hinted at.

Can’t say we’d complain about this change of direction. It’s a bold one. Another rumour assigns the codename Lankuu; Finnish for plank. It’d make sense, given the rumoured new shape.

Add to this comments on a Maemo forum, where details were apparently leaked from the Nokia Vietnam. The loosely translated points add up to; no slider, new Meego, and only three buttons- power and a volume-rocker. Come on Nokia, wow us tomorrow morning. The phone giant is expected to announce something at the CommunicAsia conference in Singapore, starting tonight.

Photo via: Pocket-Now


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