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Rumour: Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo phone to get September release date?

Not to be mistaken for that “Xperia Duo” in-the-wild photos spotted earlier this year – which turned out to be the Xperia Mini Pro- this looks a bit more like the real deal, channelling the idea of a dual-core phone into the name.

Whilst there have been murmurs of Sony Ericsson joining the dual-core brigade- it’s one of the last major phone makers to announce a smartphone with two processors- this rather official looking publicity shot envisions the Xperia Duo as the illegitimate off-spring of the Galaxy S2 and Xperia’s Arc.

We’ve been trying to listen to Finding my Way by Jack, but it doesn’t seem to be on Spotify; must have been a private track…

The specifications are even shakier than the picture; a 4.2-inch screen matching that of the Xperia Arc, pushed to a highqHD resolution to rival the likes of the HTC Sensation.

The powerful dual-core processor is supposedly two 1.4GHz processors, equalling the Samsung Galaxy S2- on paper, the fastest Android phone yet.

The best part so far is the rumour that there could be a whopping 16-megapixel camera on the back, packed with the Exmor R sensor that does great things with the Xperia Arc’s camera.

Throw that salt shaker around, a pinch of the stuff may not suffice; the whopping camera is said to backed up by a very large 1.5GB of RAM packed into the Xperia Duo. More amazing specs and silly ideas when we hear them.


Via: PhoneArena

Source: IT168


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