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Rumour: Yet another new HTC Windows Phone 7, codenamed Mazaa?

HTC has been a bit leaky the last few days. Not content to spill a promotional vid for a rumoured 16-megapixel camera phone, again powered by Windows Phone 7, XDA Developers have received some pictures of another phone.

So it’s a different phone? Yes; the smartphone pictured, codenamed Mazaa, has a single LED-flash , it looks like it’s a different model to the camera-centric phone revealed earlier today, which promised dual-flash.

Other specs revealed include a 3.7-inch touchscreen, following the mandatory WinPho 7 requirements, and that the Mazaa release date should be within the next six months.

We’ve been in contact with HTC who told Recombu that they, “do not comment on rumour and speculation”. Same goes for the 16-megapixel camera-phone earlier. Well, it was worth a try.

Via: Techradar

Source: XDA Developers


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