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Rumours indicate iPad 3 in 2011

Apple’s usual release schedule suggests we will see an iPad 2 arriving around Easter time, roughly a year since last years launch.

But if one iPad release wasn’t exciting (and expensive) enough for the year, it seems we might be getting another Apple tablet in the Autumn. According to a post by blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball, the iPad release schedule will be moved to September to keep things in line with iPod releases. This means we could see more than one iPad this year.

Tech Crunch’s MG Siegler agrees with what Gruber says, except he says he isn’t speculating:

“My information isn’t a guess” “Apple’s plan, at least right now, is to release another version of the iPad in the fall.”

The article cites a “very good source” who has stated Apple is preparing for an Autumn surprise. This surprise being an iPad 3

“We’ve now heard that this “fall surprise” is related to this would-be iPad 3. We don’t have any more concrete information beyond that. But, as of right now, the plan is apparently to release one iteration of the iPad in the next few weeks. And then blow the doors open with another new version in the fall.”


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