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Run Android apps on Windows 8 tablets with BlueStacks

Windows 8 tablets will now be able to run Android apps via BlueStacks’ App Player application.

Although Microsoft’s next-generation operating system isn’t out yet, but BlueStacks has confirmed its App Player will be compatible with tablets and computers; using CES as a platform to demo Android applications running on a Windows-8 powered PC.

BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma comments: ‘The Metro UI is beautiful, but the number one thing Windows 8 is missing is apps…. This changes all that.’

Check out the video below.

The company is also working with several manufacturers to install the Android App Player natively. The company is working with InHon (a Taiwanese computer manufacturer) to include Windows and Android apps on a Windows 8 Ultrabook from launch.

BlueStacks App Player for PC is currently in public alpha which you can download here. It doesn’t offer access to every app on Android Market, instead developers have to sign-up to have their apps featured.

There’s no news exactly when App Player for Windows 8 will be available, but we’re expecting Windows 8 in the second half of the year, so in 2012.

Via: Know Your Mobile


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