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Russia announces new e-reader tablet for use in schools

Watch out Amazon – the Russians are coming. According to Rusnano CEO (and, ahem, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and former ‘young reformer’) Anatoly Chubais, Russia is getting ready to unleash its first Kindle-esque device upon the world, or at least on the Russian school system.

Called the Plastic Logic 100, the e-reader has been created in conjunction with Californian tech company Plastic Logic, which claims to have produced a truly flexible e-ink display for its tablet. So long as it’s plugged into a power source, which in the video it isn’t. But we’ll take him at his word.

The tablet is being produced, initially at least, for Russian classrooms, coming pre-loaded with all the textbooks students will need for the year. According to Plastic Logic senior product marketing director Steven Glass, the tablets are then locked so that students don’t immediately delete all their textbooks and fill them with non-approved reading material.

The Russian school system sounds more like a testing ground for the tablet, however, as Rusnano claims the Plastic Logic 100 will grow to take 10% of the global tablet market. Just for comparison, in 2010 every other tablet producer in the world that wasn’t Apple held a combined tablet market share of 15%.

Check out The Telegraph’s video on the Plastic Logic 100 below.

Source: The Telegraph