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Russian spy Anna Chapman gets her own iPhone poker game

What to do next if you’re a glamorous Russian spy who’s been unmasked in the US, pictured topless in the tabloids, and deported back to your home country? If you’re Anna Chapman, you sign over your image rights to a company called Zeda, and release your own iPhone poker game.

It’s out now, and called Poker with Anna Chapman. Although we’ll be honest, the App Store description makes it clear that the game is being sold more on the charms of its star than its rock-solid poker skills.

“Feel the thrill of playing poker with Anna Chapman, the real-life Russian Bond girl! Find inside an exclusive collection of Anna’s photos in which she flaunts posh outfits and allows a glance at her social life with parties, shopping and more…”

Elsewhere in the blurb, she’s described as a “red-haired hottie” and a “Russian femme fatale” just to hammer the point home. Gameplay-wise, there are two modes – Texas Hold’em and 5 Card Draw – with the promise that Chapman’s personal blog will only be available within the app.

Oh yes, and if you beat the virtual Anna, she’ll add you as a friend on Facebook, apparently. Insert own ‘poke’ joke here.


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