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Sagem Cosyphone with NFC swipe-to-call

The Sagem Cosyphone allows you to assign tags to customised shortcut cards, which you can attach pictures of friends and relatives to. You can then call or text people by simply swiping the phone over the tag without having to access their details through the phone’s menu.

An unspecified number of tags come with the phone, but we imagine you’ll be able to order some more.

When you need to call people in a more traditional way, the Sagem Cosyphone features a legible display and a large keypad.

We don’t know how much it will cost or when it will be available, but we’re told that it will be avaiable on pay as you go and on a monthly contract.

For some reason we’re picturing Kenneth Branagh wielding the Cosyphone in the forthcoming series of Wallander, even though Sagem is based in France not Sweden. Just us then…