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Is Samsung readying Altius Smartwatch?

Samsung could be readying its own connected wristwatch (smartwatch) according to a batch of screenshots that have appeared online.

The screenshots appeared on a Korean messageboard Ruliweb (via Slashgear) and refer to a device called the GALAXY Altius – a codename we’ve seen before referring to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Interestingly the UI doesn’t look particularly like an Android device – in fact the tiles look more like Windows Phone.

Samsung AltiusThe screenshots give away several clues to the type of device.  SKT refers to SKY Telecom, a South Korean Network, indicating the device uses data and the screenshots have a resolution of 500×500 pixels, which could indicate the screen resolution.Screenshots represent different screens – such as music player, clock and email. 

Earlier this week rumours Apple is developing a smartwatch gathered pace, with news an100 strong team is involved in the development. If Apple is considering following in the path of Sony and Motorola and creating a smartwatch, then it’s realistic to think Samsung will too.

Stay tuned to Recomb Mobile for more rumours about the Samsung Altuis.  

Samsung Altius watch screenshots




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