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Samsung and LG struggling with 2048×1536 “Retina” display for iPad 3?

We may have survived the iPhone 4S launch will all limbs intact, but the rumour beast is hungry, and it needs feeding.

CNET brings word that Samsung and LG may face problems providing Apple with sufficient numbers of their high resolution displays intended for the iPad 3. The problem isn’t making the 9.7” 2048×1536 panels, but making large numbers of them, especially when the technology is so new. And when Apple come knocking at your door for parts, you’d better be prepared to have the capacity to fill the order.

Are we going to be stuck with 1024×768 a third time around then? Maybe not, as CNET’s tipster also informs them that 1600×1200 displays are a viable backup option if Samsung and LG can’t deliver the high res goods. That wouldn’t play quite as nice with app scaling in the grand scheme of things though, so you have to wonder if Apple would go with that or skip a higher resolution for another year to ensure ease of development and user experience.

The iPad 3 still appears to be on track for Q1 of 2012. Until then, cosy around the fire with your iPad 2 and enjoy the time you have left until your gadget is obsolete.

Source: CNET