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Samsung Ativ S availability: New SIM-free pricing arrives

The Ativ S is the largest Windows Phone 8 device in the current portfolio, but despite the screen real estate on offer, the handset itself impressed us with its unobtrusive profile, soft curves and surprisingly lightweight feel.

As it stands the Samsung Ativ S is Samsung’s first and only Windows Phone 8 handset, whilst the leading competition in the form of both Nokia and HTC have two handsets each, however all five of these devices are expected to touch down at various times throughout November, so when will the Ativ S have its turn?

Samsung Ativ S pricing


Much like the Nokia Lumia 920’s exclusivity with new UK carrier EE, the Samsung Ativ S will only be available on contract in store and online from O2. Beyond a November launch window, now official date has been released. The Ativ S will be free on a £36 a month two-year plan. O2 do list the Ativ S on their coming soon pages, but you’ll currently have to register your interest for notification of exactly when it’s expected to arrive.



The only company to offer the full set of five Windows Phone 8 handsets currently announced. The Samsung Ativ S falls under their coming soon pages and again you’ll have to register to find out anything more specific. They also list the Ativ S on a £36 a month, two-year plan with a free handset, presumably as it’ll be the same opening tariff as O2 offer directly.



Although the site still lists the Samsung Ativ S as ‘coming soon’, prospective customers can pre-order the phone (16GB option) SIM free for £431.99 (including VAT). Delivery is typically estimated to take between 2 – 4 days following the handset becoming in stock.



The 16GB grey (it currently only comes in grey) version of the Samsung Ativ S is available with a five-day delivery time for £449.99 SIM-free.



The Ativ S is still on pre-order from Clove, with a SIM-free price of £442.80. The site say that stock delays mean that the handset won’t be available until the 10th December.



The cheapest SIM-free price for the Samsung Ativ S looks to be from Unlocked-Mobiles, who are offering consumers the 16GB, grey handset £424.98. Although still listed under pre-order, once availability changes, the site offer next-day delivery.



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