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Samsung B2100 Preview

The Samsung B2100 isn’t for the fashionistas among us – with its rugged look and durable features it’s meant for the thrill-seekers who’ll really put it through its paces. A slim handset, it won’t get in your way when you’re out and about and as it’s waterproof and dust-resistant, the B2100 is a safe choice for those working on building sites and the like.

While the Samsung B2100’s 1.3-megapixel camera won’t win you any photography awards, it’s better than no camera at all and the built-in music player means you can use it as an mp3 player as well. The small 1.7-inch screen shouldn’t be too bad for text messaging but video playback might be a bit of a strain. You can set up email on the Samsung B2100, but with no 3G¬†connection it will probably prove quite slow.




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