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Samsung rolls out Android Lollipop to UK Galaxy S5 users

British Samsung Galaxy S5 owners rejoice, as Samsung has started rolling out Android 5.0 (Lollipop) to users in the UK – meaning your phone could be ready to update right now.

The Lollipop roll-out comes hot on the heels of Samsung’s update in Eastern Europe and Spain and, we presume, a short while before it begins shuttling out to users across the United States – though rumours persist that US users will skip version 5.0 entirely and go straight to 5.0.1.

The catchily-named LRX21T update delivers quite a few improvements to the Galaxy S5 as well, including updates to the TouchWiz UI, lock screen and heads-up notifications, NFC device set up and ART, which replaces the trusty old Dalvik runtime environment, delivering more speed and less drain on your battery.

Other notable enhancements pushed out with the Lollipop update are improved fingerprint sensor performance, owing to the inclusion of a new, updated driver – so hopefully the Galaxy S5 scanner will be as reliable as the Note 4‘s. There are also some worthwhile new security functions included too, such as multiple user accounts and Android Smart Lock, which allows you to further secure your device by pairing it your wearable or car.

Initial bugs which were found in the update when it hit the likes of Poland and Spain have now reportedly been put right, so users should find the software delivers a much more reliable, solid experience than previous versions.

Once Galaxy S5 users are heartily suckling at the Android 5.0 teat, Samsung will likely begin pushing Lollipop out to Note 4 users, before moving on to those less important Galaxy S4 and Note 3 users.

The update should be available over-the-air now, so check by going to your Galaxy S5’s settings menu and scrolling down to About Device > Software Update. Remember to backup your photos and files beforehand just in case.

Has your Galaxy S5 already received the Lollipop update, and have you had any issues? Let us know in the comments below.


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