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Samsung chase Dutch ban on 3G iPhone and iPad

The latest round of the heavyweight patent war between Samsung Electronics Co and Apple Inc took place on Monday, with the Korean firm urging a Dutch court to ban Apple’s iPads and iPhones in the Netherlands

With the iPhone 5 expected to arrive in October, Samsung has filed four more patent cases against Apple in The Hague and asked for a preliminary injunction against all of Apple’s mobile products that use 3G technology, including iPhones and iPads.

On Monday, Samsung’s legal team in The Hague accused Apple of not paying licencing fees for some of Samsung’s patents before it started selling iPhones.

“Apple should have asked for a licence before it launched the iPhone in 2007 or 2008 in Holland. Period,” Samsung’s lawyer Bas Berghuis said in court.

Apple’s lawyer Rutger Kleemans told the Dutch court on Monday: “Samsung never demanded a license until 2010 and before that Samsung remained silent because Apple is an important customer of Samsung.”

Fans of Apple and the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 will be looking across the shores with apprehension at what is going on in The Hague, with consumers worried that Samsung may try and block the release in the UK.

Any decision made provides a possible knock-on effect in the UK and with Apple fighting back and suing Samsung over here, this one could swing this way.

Apple and Samsung are vying for top spot in the global smartphone market and are squaring off over patents in courtrooms around the world.

Source: Chicago Tribune