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Samsung Corby II: Coming in yellow, pink and white. What, no black?

Samsung have revealed that they’ll be releasing a multicoloured sequel to the petite Samsung Corby.

Yes, they’ve called it the Corby II, and we spotted it on their Facebook page, following their new Tab teaser.

The guys at Mobile Burn managed to spot some more technical details on the Colby II on Samsung’s Singapore site.

The Corby II looks very similar to its predecessor, albeit available now three different colours; ‘carnival yellow’, ‘candy pink’ and ‘fashion white’. Fashion white?

The multicoloured phone will connect to Samsung’s Social Hub, so you’ll be able to access the Korean electronics giant’s Facebook profile on the go. Customisable widgets are also promised, but the phone doesn’t look like it’ll be running Android or even Samsung’s own Bada platform, so expect customisation to be limited. Samsung promise the touch-screen will also be easier to use.

The Corby II has a 3.14-inch screen, a two-megapixel camera and FM radio, and it will weigh a mere 100g. Storage on the phone can be upgraded by microSD up to 16GB, and it will be able to play both music and videos on the 320×240 resolution capacitive touchscreen.

Set to launch first in Germany, and then the rest of Europe, we hope to get some more details when they’re available.

Source: Facebook, and Samsung


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