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Samsung’s tiny new mobile chip means ultra-thin phones for all

Samsung has begun mass-producing ePoP (embedded package on package) memory for its high-end smartphones, and if that means nothing to you, don’t worry – it basically means we’ll be seeing some gorgeously slim new phones or maybe longer battery life.

The ePoP modules are a new super-thin chip which combines 3GB of LPDDR3 DRAM and 32GB of eMMC storage alongside a controller. In more simple terms, that means it’s packing everything a smartphone needs in terms of memory into one tiny package.

The new modules will take up almost 40% less space inside hardware, which should permit the company to deliver some seriously slender devices. Alternatively, the saved space could be used to include a larger batteries in upcoming smartphones and tablets, giving us extended use between charges.

The new ePoP modules could be used in new phones quite soon if rumours turn out to be accurate. For instance, the company’s next flagship handset, the Galaxy S6, is expected to be revealed at MWC next month in Barcelona. The Galaxy S6 is rumoured to feature 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage as standard, leading us to wonder whether the South Korean firm is already planning to launch its next big thing with ePoP on board.

Another key area in which these new ePoP modules will play a large role is wearables. The tiny memory chips can be stacked straight on top of a mobile processor, which should give designers for Samsung’s upcoming smartwatches a boost as they strive to deliver small, battery-friendly devices which can slip onto your wrist.

We’ll be at MWC when it springs to life on March 1st to bring you all the latest mobile news and hands-on reviews.


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