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Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash (Omnia W?) Windows Phone pics emerge

Pictures of Samsung’s Focus S and Focus Flash Windows Phones have emerged. Heading to AT&T in the US, the phones were shown off at the All Things D Asia conference by Windows Phone President Andy Lees; the pics give us a better glimpse of the phones that Samsung announced last month.

Though not thought to be heading to the UK, we noted that the design and specs of the Focus Flash are pretty similar to those of the Samsung Omnia W.

Same 5-megapixel camera, same 3.7-inch screen, same trapezoidish design with a square home key at the centre-bottom.

The Focus S is an altogether meatier prospect, coming with a roomier 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, an 8-megapixel camera and an design that sees it slimming down to 8.55mm at it’s thinnest point.

Style-wise the Focus S reminds us a lot of the Samsung Galaxy S and S2 Android phones with the same rounded corners and textured back.

The Focus Flash is very much looking to be the US name for the Omnia W; maybe we’ll see the Focus S debut over here under a different name, Omnia S perhaps?

These two Windows Phones from Samsung are somewhat similar to the HTC Titan and Radar in terms of specs and size (at least in the screen and camera stakes). The Titan has a bigger screen at 4.7-inches, but the Focus S’s Super AMOLED Plus ought to give it an edge in the contrast department. We’d loive to do a thorough head ot head comparison and see how they all stack up.

Any whiff of a UK release for the Samsung Focus S and we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: All Things D via Windows Team Blog