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Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy mini: Photo Gallery

The Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy mini are part of Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Family’ line-up of mid-range Android phones.

While not as headline grabbing or high-end as the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tablet 10.1, they both run on Android 2.2/Froyo. This means that they’ll be able to run the majority of the apps available on the Android Market and allow you to make use of Wi-Fi and USB tethering features.

Both phones have 3G/HSDPA and Wi-Fi for fast internet access and speedy app downloading. Both also feature GPS antennas and come with Google Maps.

The Galaxy Ace (above) has a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash and a 3.5-inch touchscreen. It’s not got the biggest camera out there nor does it have the biggest display. But it will appeal to those who want a smartphone experience – the ability to download apps, check emails on the go, use Google Maps etc – but don’t necessarily want or need a premium smartphone product.

Click through for some more shots of the Samsung Galaxy Ace, as well as some of the similarly-specced Galaxy mini.

The battery cover of the Samsung Galaxy Ace features a textured grip, similar to that of the Galaxy S II. Again, like the S II, the Galaxy Ace feels very light in the hand.

The Galaxy Ace’s microSD port is set into the side of the phone, near the power button. A reflective metallic trim runs around the edge of the phone, iPhone 4 style.

This is the Samsung Galaxy mini. Its screen size is a little smaller than that of the Ace at 3.2-inches. But as you can see, that gives you plenty of room for app shortcuts and widgets like the Google Search bar.

The Galaxy mini’s 3-megapixel camera. While this is enough for taking pictures for Facebook and Twitpic uploads, the lack of a flash could be a problem at night and in dimly lit locales. The battery cover has been textured for extra grip, and it features the trademark Samsung ‘chin’, seen on phones like the Nexus S and the Galaxy Apollo.

Side shot of the Samsung Galaxy mini, showing off the microSD card slot, the power button and a distinctive green trim around the edges.


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