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Samsung Galaxy Ace can run Android 2.3 Gingerbread: Unofficial version spotted

The mid-range Galaxy Ace phone may be able to run the latest version of Android, as a pre-release ROM of Android Gingerbread has surfaced online.

The new phone arrived in shops packing Android 2.2, and many may have expected, given its sensible price and middle-weight specs, that it was stuck with this throughout its lifespan.

We’ve already covered Android updates for HTC and LG phones, and it’s great to see Samsung willing to follow its smartphone rivals, even with ‘lesser’ models. (We’ll ignore that we’re still waiting that Galaxy S Android 2.3 upgrade…)

Some users have taken the risk- phone manufacturers advise against this, it’s called pre-release for a reason- and updated their own Galaxy Ace.

They’re reporting that there’s not much noticeable performance difference, but there’s the icon and palette change to Android Gingerbread’s glowy green, and video can now be recorded at a higher resolution.

Samsung were unable to comment on whether other phones will be getting upgraded to Android 2.3- only the Galaxy S has been confirmed so far.

Via: GSM Arena


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