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Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus confirmed: 1GHz processor meets iPhone 3GS styling

We enjoyed our time with the Samsung Galaxy Ace – it was Android for the masses and despite the iPhone 4 styling, when launched it was a pretty unique, well-priced mid-range proposition. Now it looks like an image of its successor, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus has made its way to Samsung’s official pages and if there’s a common thread between the Galaxy Ace plus and its predecessor – it isn’t just in the name.

As you can see from the pictures above, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus takes the styling of the original and steps back in time to the days of the iPhone 3GS. It’s pretty uncanny we think you’ll agree and when the handset is released in the near future, will do little to help claims that Samsung aren’t making a habit of lifting their design straight from Cupertino’s brainchild.

As far as specs go, there’s a 200MHz processor bump to 1GHz and a slightly larger 3.65-inch display. With the original Samsung Galaxy Ace rocking a 320 x 480 pixel panel, we’d hoped this would be one of the key areas of improvement in the reprise, but no such luck, with the larger display making the HVGA display look even worse. We’ll hopefully hear more on this strikingly familiar Samsung phone next week at CES where we’ll be covering all the latest and greatest in mobile related tech.

On a side note, we’re curious – does the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus resembles the iPhone 3GS make you more inclined to consider it or does the similarity turn you off? Answers in the comment section below.

Source: Samsung Mobile Press Office


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