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Samsung Galaxy Apollo: Space-travelling Android spotted online

Another new Galaxy has been discovered. The Samsung Galaxy Apollo has just been spotted up the smartphone section of Samsung’s mobile site sitting next to the Wave and Galaxy S. No further information, specifications or release dates have been listed, just a big picture saying ‘Coming Soon’.

The Android logo is clearly visible at the top of the phone. We reckon that the Galaxy Apollo will come with Android 2.2/Froyo built in. We’re training our telescopes on this Galaxy so stay tuned for more details.

Update: Oh sad times, we were wrong about the Apollo shipping with Android 2.2. It’s launching with Orange running 2.1. It’ll be available both on pay-as-you-go and contract, and will be available on other operators later in the summer. The handset will also be running Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 so should be easy to get to grips with if you’re already familiar with the interface. The Apollo has a 3.2-inch WGVA screen, HSDPA connectivity (super-3G), a 3.0-megapixel camera and access to the Android Market for all manner of apps. No word on pricing yet, but we’d expect it to be hitting Orange’s shelves imminently.


[Source: TechRadar]


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