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Samsung Galaxy Beam: Hands-on photos and video

The Samsung Galaxy Beam is an Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone with a neat trick up its sleeve. At the top of the phone sits a squarish lens unit that houses a powerful HD pico projector. 

This lets you project HD movies (up to 720p) on to any flat surface, with plain white or black surfaces apparently giving you the best results.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam is capable of covering a 50-inch area without the resolution degrading and the 2000 mAh battery will give you around 3 hours of movie playback time. That ought to be long enough for most films; bad news if you were planning a Lord of the Rings movie marathon on the Beam.

Another cool feature of the Samsung Galaxy Beam is that when you’ve got the projector switched on, you can turn on a setting which projects whatever the lens of the main 5-megapixel camera is looking at. Pictures in magazines, newspapers, whatever you want. Think along the lines of a high-tech planchette on a oujia board and you’re kind of there.

We weren’t able to get a great deal of actual hands-on time with the Galaxy Beam. Samsung’s booth was pretty cramped and there was a strict one-in one-out policy. So we took pictures of whatever we could, filmed a video before we were ushered out.

In terms of looks, the Samsung Galaxy Beam we saw is predominantly black with a bright flash of banana yellow running through the middle. Thanks to the security tag we couldn’t get much of a look at the back of the phone but you should get a good idea of what it looks like. 


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