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Samsung launching updated Galaxy S5 at same time as iPhone 6

Looks like September may be a massive Samsung vs Apple grudge match, as Samsung could launch its premium updated version of the Galaxy S5 smartphone at the same time as Apple’s iPhone 6.

We’ve already heard plenty of rumblings of a new, updated Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, rocking a super-sharp 2k screen and other updated specs. Now it looks like Samsung could launch this new phone, leaked as both the Galaxy S5 Prime and the Galaxy F, in September – the same month as Apple unveils the much-anticipated iPhone 6.

Samsung and Apple both to launch premium smartphones in September: the Galaxy S5 Prime/F, and the Apple iPhone 6

The news comes via a tip that internet leak machine evleaks received, and if it’s true, it means Samsung and Apple will go head-to-head that month. Should be very interesting to see if this move hurts Apple’s sales, and of course it means us tech journos can basically cancel any September leave, cos it’s gonna be a busy one.

Check out everything we know so far on Samsung’s updated S5 phone and the Apple iPhone 6.


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