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Samsung Galaxy Fame: Tips and Tricks

If you want to get the most out of the compact Samsung Galaxy Fame, here’s a short list of tips and tricks to point you in the right direction.

Tip 1: Inserting a memory card

As a result of the relatively small amount of inbuilt storage the Fame comes with, it’s advised to slot in a microSD card too. Luckily, the phone supports cards up to 64GB.

Ensure your phone is off, pop off the plastic back cover and slot your microSD card into the dedicated port on the lower left-hand corner of the phone. Then replace the cover, switch it back on and access new content quickly using the My Files app.

Tip 2: Adding folders

There are a number of ways to keep your apps organised including folders. Unlike most versions of Android, TouchWiz doesn’t let you create folders by dragging one app over another. Instead there are three different ways to bring a folder to one of your homescreens.

By pressing and holding in a blank space on the screen, the subsequent menu will feature the option to add a folder. Alternatively you can press the menu button from any homescreen and choose the ‘Create Folder’ option or if you prefer, press and hold on an existing app on a homescreen and drag it up to the ‘create folder’ icon at the top of the screen. In each case you’ll then need to name your folder and then it’ll appear, ready to use.

Tip 3: Apps drawer view types

If you’re not a fan of the apps drawer’s default 4×4 grid view, you can change the way apps are displayed, either by switching to an alphabetical grid or an alphabetical list.

To call up this setting, press the menu key from within the apps drawer and click on ‘view type’, you’ll then have three options to choose from.

Tip 4: Changing wallpapers

With TouchWiz on the Galaxy Fame, you can choose different wallpapers for both your lock and homescreens independently. To do this, press and hold on a blank section of an existing homescreen and choose the ‘set wallpaper’ option, from here you can set either the lock or homescreen wallpaper from a range of sources or set them both with the same image simultaneously.

Wallpapers can be set using pictures from your phone’s gallery, from a set of preinstalled wallpapers or from a selection of live or animated wallpapers.

Tip 5: Customising the lockscreen

The Galaxy Fame’s default lockscreen shows a clock, app shortcuts and unlock information which for some may be useful to have around, but if you don’t want it to appear you can switch it all off.

To customise the lockscreen, open Settings, scroll down to Lockscreen and choose ‘Lock screen options’. From here you can toggle the clock, app shortcuts and help information on or off as you wish. Tapping the Shortcuts button also lets you customise the order and type of app shortcuts that can appear on your lock screen.


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