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Samsung Galaxy Gear virtual reality device leaked

Samsung’s answer to Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, the Galaxy Gear VR, has leaked across the internet in pictures.

A month after it was first rumoured, we’ve got our first look at Samsung’s stab at virtual reality. The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that links to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, for example the Galaxy S5, and allows you to play games and use other specially-developed apps to explore virtual worlds.

Samsung Galaxy Gear VR headset leaks

Samsung has reportedly developed the hardware, while Oculus VR – the manufacturer of the infamous Rift headset that Facebook recently acquired – has produced the software.

The pictures leaked to SamMobile detail the set-up process of the Galaxy Gear VR with your Galaxy Note device, including the inevitable End User Agreement. It will then download the available free apps to use with the Galaxy VR and the hardware manager.

Two apps that have popped up in the photos are VR Panorama and VR Cinema that will enable VR users to explore panoramic photos and presumably films or video with the headset.

According to the leak, the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR hardware will connect to your Samsung smartphone via USB 3.0 (what, no wireless?), suggesting that only new flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 will be compatible.

According to the leak, once the VR headset is connected, users will not be able to use the smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen, but will use VR to control the handset.

Previous leaks suggest the headset will include a touchpad and back button for navigation plus Samsung will also be tweaking its S Voice app to allow the Galaxy Gear VR to be controlled by barking commands. The back button will also allow the user to view their surroundings, including what’s behind them with a long press and hold. Handy for paranoid types, and actual spies.

Samsung is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR alongside the Galaxy Note 4 in September. The SDK will open up to developers shortly after the launch date.



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