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Samsung Galaxy i5510: Android 2.2 Qwerty slider on its way

The publicity-shy Samsung Galaxy i5510 is mooted as a budget Android handset set to go on sale in November. Running Android 2.2 with Samsung’s ubiquitous TouchWiz UI over the top, the Samsung Galaxy i5510 is also rocking a 3-megapixel camera, 3.2inch touchscreen and a 667MHz processor. Disaapointingly, it’s been given the release price of €389 (approx £340) which is a little pricier than we really like our low-cost phones to be.

Apparently that physical Qwerty is “for business users and social network users.” Business users? Really? We can’t see the Galaxy i5510 taking its place among the BlackBerries and iPhones of the business arena if we’re honest. But with that keyboard and Android 2.2 in place, it could be a good option for the email-happy consumer.

No word on network availability yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see this handset coming free with a number of contract options.

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