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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom cameraphone with epic zoom hits UK tomorrow

Samsung’s snap-happy Galaxy K Zoom camera phone, an Android smartphone that packs a 20.7-megapixel camera with an impressive 10x optical zoom, goes on sale in the UK on May 31. Here’s the full skinny…

One of the biggest flaws of smartphone cameras is the lack of optical zoom, which makes snapping professional photos a little tricky. Samsung’s Galaxy K Zoom aims to correct this with its 10x optical zoom, which hits UK online and high street stores on May 31 – but can Samsung correct the wrongs of last year’s similar Galaxy S4 Zoom?

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom UK price and release date: Available to buy in the UK from May 31


Samsung Galaxy K Zoom specs and design

When Samsung announced the Galaxy K Zoom camera phone last month, we felt a burst of excitement as well as a hearty dose of apprehension. Its first attempt at a phone packing an optical zoom, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, was like snorting a pound of sugar – glorious highs as you played with that excellent zoom focus, followed by crashing lows as you struggled with the laggy interface, or actually tried to ram it into your pocket.

The Galaxy K Zoom aims to correct these ills. We have little doubt that the 20.7-megapixel sensor, 10x zoom and Xenon flash will all perform admirably, and we’ve got everything crossed that the dual processors (one a 1.3GHz quad-core chip for handling everyday activity, and the other a 1.7GHz dual-core for processing images) will result in smooth performance.

Of course, the design is still far from slender: the thinnest point of the K Zoom is 16.6mm, which is actually thicker than the S4 Zoom’s thinnest point (15.4mm). But thankfully that bulky grip has been done away with, and the lens doesn’t jut out so much when not in use. The K Zoom’s thickest point is a pocket-busting 20.2mm, over twice as thick as most other mobiles, but we’ll let you know in our full review if it’s an issue.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom UK price and release date

You can pick up the Galaxy K Zoom in the UK from May 31 2014, although there’s no word so far on who will stock it or what the price will be. We’re expecting this to come through later today, so we’ll update this article imminently.


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