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Samsung Galaxy M: Super AMOLED for the masses

Samsung’s latest mobile revelation, the Samsung Galaxy M looks like its set to bring the Korean manufacturer’s famed Super AMOLED displays to the masses. With an asking price of around $500 at launch which will only go down, more people will have the opportunity to get one on one with the deepest darkest blacks and most saturated of hues AMOLEDs deliver.

With no launch outside Korea confirmed, we’re curbing our enthusiasm for the Samsung Galaxy M making its way to the UK, but it certainly does check some of our boxes. On top of being a bit more affordable, gone is the plastic body of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and instead a metallic one, not too dissimilar to the Samsung Wave phones running Bada is in the mix.

The specs aren’t as exciting as the build. With a single-core 1GHz processor, a 3-megapixel camera round the back and Gingerbread loaded on board, it’s a clear step-down. It also hasn’t been confirmed to get Ice Cream Sandwich and with similar specs to the original Galaxy S which has been denied the upgrade due to hardware limitations – it’s not looking too hopeful.

Still, this looks like a fun phone with a great screen. It’ll be shipping in three colour combinations, Platinum Silver, Blue Black and Lavender Pink, so given our penchant for pink phones, lets hope we get treated to some Samsung Galaxy M in 2012


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