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Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 UK availability

Samsung know how to juggle their priorities, in recent months, increasing attention has been mounting on their high-end smartphone lineup with the much talked about launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S3, but what about the little guy? As much as flagships make headlines, there is a huge contingent of prospective buyers who prioritise affordability first and for those, Samsung offer up devices like the new Galaxy Mini 2.

The Galaxy Mini 2 will take position at the bottom end of Samsung’s smartphone family. One of the lowest level Android devices the company offer, we first came into contact with it at MWC in February earlier this year. Hands on time with the Galaxy Mini 2 helped demystify any uncertainty as to what exactly this device was, or who it was for, however it launched simultaneously with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, another similarly capable, lower-end handset blurring the lines between mid and low-range in Samsung’s portfolio.

Samsung Galaxy mini 2

This new entry level droid adopts a similar set of specifications to last year’s mid-range Sammy, the Galaxy Gio with a 3.27-inch HVGA display, a 3.15-megapixel camera and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Users who opt for a Galaxy Mini 2 will receive a sizable amount more user storage over the Gio, with 4GB built in and room for expandable memory up to 32GB via microSD.

Simon Stanford, VP for UK & Ireland’s Telco & Networks Division at Samsung talks about the Samung Galaxy Mini 2’s position in the market: “We’ve had a good response to the Galaxy Mini since it launched last year, particularly among the ‘first smartphone generation.’ Smartphone growth is continuing at pace this year, and not just at the premium end of the market. Handsets such as the Galaxy Mini 2 are needed to meet the growing demand for more affordable devices for customers on the lookout for their first smartphone.

Due to the modest demands of the Mini 2, the 800Mhz processor and 512MB of RAM kept the user experience fluid so long as you didn’t attempt anything clearly designed to stress its capabilities. Samsung report that multiple carriers are already in line to stock the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 in the UK, including both Orange and T-Mobile, with the handset arriving in store on June 4th.


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