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Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Adobe Flash support coming December

Adobe has announced confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be getting an update to Adobe Flash and Air in December.

Commenting on the Adobe Team Blog, Greg DeMichilie states: ‘devices and software updates from our partners which introduce new technologies are being developed on varied schedules that are different from our own, which means that the Adobe runtimes may not always be optimized or supported on devices until a subsequent release. We will provide a minor update to the runtimes to support the Galaxy Nexus in December.’

On launch we were really impressed with the Ice Cream Sandwich touting Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but one of our criticisms was lack of support for Adobe Flash. However, it appears this will be coming to customers by the end of the year.

Recently Adobe announced it will be stop support of FlashPlayer for mobile browsers,  focusing instead on HTML5 and PC and desktops instead.

There’s no news on the exact date, but we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Source: Adobe